The Sunday Lunch is the star family outing of the week. A time for family, friends and those we love to gather at the table and enjoy a wonderful meal with even better company.

Whether you are joining us for a family celebration or just don’t fancy cooking Lunch yourself, we look forward to serving you one of our really rather splendid Roasts!




(ve, gf)

Bread, Oil & Balsamic



Hummus & Flatbread





Deep-fried gherkins! Very moreish... (ve)



Smothered in honey & grain mustard


Soup of The Day


w/ granary bloomer (ve, gfo)

Beef Brisket Bites


w/ gherkins & Harissa mayo

“Buffalo” Cauliflower


w/ Sriracha hot chilli sauce & tzatziki (ve)

NEW : Crayfish Cocktail


w/ avocado, baby gem, cucumber & granary bloomer (gfo)

Panko Squid Sticks


w/ aioli & fresh lime

Chicken & Noodles


Sticky honey homestyle chicken w/ pan-fied sesame noodles & picoia peppers

NEW : Bruschetta


w/ grilled & smashed artichoke, spinach, pomegranate & cherry molasses (ve)

NEW : Coconut Prawn Skewers


w/ Asian slaw, fresh mango, aioli & Thai honey sauce

Classic Scotch Egg


Soft-boiled free-range egg wrapped in pork sausage meat w/ red onion chutney, rocket & red chicory


All of our roasts are served w/ seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes & Yorkshire pudding

Roast Beef


Topside of grass fed beef

Roast Chicken


Free range & corn fed

Roast Leg of Lamb


Naturally reared & grass fed

Nut Roast


Definitely contains nuts! (v, veo)

Something on the side ...

Pigs in Blankets | Creamed Leeks (v) | Cauliflower Cheese (v)
All at £3.9 | Three for £10


Penne Arrabiata


w/ rustic tomato, olives, chilli, onion & vegan parmesan (ve) ... Shell-on King Prawns w/ fresh chilli & garlic butter (gfo) £8.5

Smoked Haddock Kedgeree


w/ curried basmati rice, soft-boiled egg, tomato, coriander & spring onions (gf)

NEW : Asparagus Risotto


w/ asparagus, char-grilled artichoke, confit tomato & mozzarella style cheese (ve, gf)

Why not try with your salad or lighter plate ...

Home-cooked Ham, Shredded Duck, Grilled Chicken,
Avocado (ve), Falafel (ve), Plant-based Eat Curious BBQ
Cluckin’ pieces (ve) all at £4.5

Shell-on King Prawns w/ fresh chilli & garlic butter (gfo) £8.5


NEW : Caprese


w/ buffalo mozzarella, red chicory, confit tomatoes, balsamic glaze & basil oil (v) ... Why not try w/ Grilled Chicken? £4.5

NEW : Mango & Macadamia Nut


Gem lettuce, radicchio, mango, avocado, cucumber, hemp hearts, toasted macadamia nuts w/ lime, coriander & chilli dressing (ve) ... Why not try w/ Falafel? £4.5



Classic! Dressed gem & Romaine lettuce, Parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes & grande croutons (v) ... Why not try w/ Grilled Chicken? £4.5

Hoisin Duck Salad


Shredded duck, spring onion, pak choi, cucumber, spinach & sesame oil (gfo)

Superfood Flatbread


w/ hummus, rocket, roasted peppers, courgettes, confit tomato, leeks, brown rice, quinoa, broad beans, red onion, balsamic glaze & feta (v, veo, gfo) ... Go skinny! Drop the flatbread and have extra salad (gf)


Doombar Cod


Beer-battered cod w/ fat chips, mushy peas, pea & tartare slaw

Bangers & Mash


Cumberland sausages, caramelised shallots, real ale gravy, garden peas & a Yorkshire Pud (vo, veo) ... Why not try our plant-based version w/ our Eat Curious ‘Sausage’? (ve)

Pie of the Day


w/ olive oil mash or fries & seasonal greens ... Your server will tell you about today’s pie


NEW : Pork Ribeye Steak


Marinated in black garlic & herbs w/ wild & basmati rice, grilled Mediterranean veg & chipotle mayo

NEW : Pan-fried King Prawns


Shell-on King Prawns w/ fresh chilli & garlic, focaccia bread & your choice of fries or salad (gfo)
Why not try plant-based version w/ our Eat Curious crispy coated Cluckin’ fillet (ve)

NEW : Sizzling Sea Bass


w/ flash-fried pak choi, spinach, spring onion, red chillies, cucumber ribbons & soy sauce egg noodles (gfo)

8oz Sirloin Steak


Choose from chimichurri, peppercorn sauce, béarnaise sauce or garlic
butter (gfo) ... Shell-on King Prawns w/ fresh chilli & garlic butter (gfo) £8.5


Chestnut Mushrooms (ve, gf), Wilted Spinach (ve, gf), Skin-on Fries (ve), Seasonal Salad (ve, gf), Seasonal Greens (ve, gf), Onion Rings (v), Chunky Slaw (ve, gf)
All at £4.5   |   3 for £12

Sweet Potato Fries (ve), Fat Chips (ve), Sautéed New Potatoes (ve)
All at £5.5   |   All 3 for £14


We have had the pleasure of creating these fabulous speciality burgers. Each of them has its own unique serve and comes with delicious skin-on fries as standard.

Why not...

Upgrade to sweet potato fries or fat chips for £1.5!
Upgrade to Super-Loaded fries for £4.5!
Go naked! Lose the bun & add a salad (foc)

Try with...

Cheese £1, Bacon £1, Vegan Cheese £1,
Onion Rings £4.5 (ve), Chunky Slaw £4.5 (ve, gf)

Classic Beef Burger


Brioche bun, juicy ground steak burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkin & burger sauce ... Add cheese & bacon £2

Honey BBQ Halloumi Burger


Brioche bun, grilled halloumi, Asian Slaw, chestnut mushrooms & honey BBQ drizzle (v)

Chilli & Cheese Burger


Brioche bun, juicy ground steak burger, pulled spicy chilli beef, Emmental cheese, salad, gherkin, jalapeños & créme fraiche

NY Deli


Pretzel bun, juicy steak burger, pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, America mustard, pickles & spicy horseradish sauce

Cajun Chicken Burger


Brioche bun, grilled chicken breast w/ roasted peppers, onions, tomato, lettuce, gherkin, cheese, créme fraiche, guacamole & salsa

Katsu Chicken Burger


Brioche bun, breaded chicken breast, katsu curry mayo, Emmental cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber ribbons, onion bhaji & mango chutney

Classic Plant-based Burger


Vegan brioche bun, plant-based patty, gem lettuce, tomato, red onion, gherkin & vegan burger sauce (ve) ... Add plant-based cheese & BBQ Cluckin’ pieces - £2

Southern Fried Cluckin’ Burger


Vegan brioche bun, classic crispy coated plant-based cluckin burger, gem lettuce & mayo (ve) ... Add plant-based cheese & BBQ Cluckin pieces £2


New, improved & smothered in Nacho Cheese! Skin-on fries loaded up with all your favourite things – is there anything more delicious than this Super-Sized side dish?

NEW : "Cheesy Chips"


The classics are sometimes the best! Applewood Cheddar (v)

NEW : Duck Fries


Hoisin duck, spring onion & cucumber

NEW : Cheese & Bacon


Applewood Cheddar & smoked bacon

NEW : Chilli Cheese


Pulled spicy beef chilli & Applewood Cheddar


Everyone’s favourite cheesy side dish just got Bigger & Better. This homemade side order will warm you up and fill you up!

Three Cheese Mac


Applewood Cheddar, Stilton & Gruyere cheese (v)

Mushroom Mac


Pan-fried chestnut mushrooms (v)

Jalapeño & Chilli


Spicy pulled beef chilli & jalapeños

Bacon Cheddar Mac


Applewood Cheddar & smoked bacon


NEW : Summer Berry Sundae


Crushed meringue, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, Chantilly cream & raspberry coulis (gf)

NEW : Lemon Meringue Tartlet


w/ passionfruit coulis & blueberries (v)

Triple Chocolate Cake


Gently warmed w/ vanilla ice cream & balsamic pearls (ve)

Creme Brûlée Cheesecake


w/ dark berry coulis (v, gf)

Chocolate Brownie Sundae


w/ popcorn ice cream, Chantilly cream & chocolate sauce (v, gf)

Apple & Cinnamon Crumble


w/ vanilla ice cream or custard (v, veo)

Nutella Gnocchi


Mini Nutella filled doughnuts w/ vanilla ice cream (v)


NEW : Fruity Chocolate Waffle


Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries & mango w/ fresh whipped cream & warm milk chocolate dipping sauce

Sticky Toffee Waffle


w/ vanilla ice cream & crushed-biscuit topping (v)

Banoffee Waffle


w/ salted caramel sauce, bananas & whipped cream, vanilla ice cream & chocolate shavings (v)

Cinnamon Apple & Biscoff Waffle


w/ crumble topping, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream & custard! (v, veo)


British Cheeseboard

£11 per person

Cornish Brie, Wensleydale, Clawson Stilton, Applewood Cheddar, cracker selection, grapes, red onion chutney & rosemary-infused honey (v)

Dietary Needs, Allergens & Intolerances

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please advise a team member when ordering your food. Even if you are a regular customer please inform us as our ingredients and recipes can change from time to time.

If you like the look of something that isn’t vegan or gluten-free, please speak to a member of our team and we will do our utmost to adjust dishes for your dietary requirements.

Our fish may contain bones; our game may contain shot and our nuts definitely contain nuts!

We produce our food in kitchens where our teams handle allergens. Equipment and utensils are used for multiple menu items, including those containing allergens. All of our fryers are used for cooking products that may contain gluten. While we try to keep things separate, we cannot guarantee any item is allergen-free.

We thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to experience issues with our supply chain. In all cases we will look to offer alternative dishes if certain ingredients are unavailable.

Many thanks,
The Team.

(v) Vegetarian | (vo) Vegetarian Option | (ve) Vegan | (veo) Vegan Option | (gf) Gluten Free | (gfo) Gluten Free Option


If you want to make a booking for 6 people or less, please book below. If the time you want to book doesn’t seem available, give us a call. Computers don’t always have the answers!

When booking, please bear in mind that The Feathers is over 21s after 8pm.

If you are booking for 7 people or more, please fill in our Enquiry Form or get in touch with us at the pub on 01923 770081.