As we find our way through these opening few weeks we thought we’d remind you of the changes that we’d made to help you feel safe and secure during this time.

Please note over the coming weeks we hope that guidelines will be updated and your pub experience will be more relaxed.

Below is a summary of our COVID secure guidelines.

Social distancing

Much as we could all do with a hug, please respect yours and others personal space by maintaining a social distance where possible.

We will be asking customers to wait at the door for a member of the team to take you to your table and to sanitise your hands on the way into the pub. The reason for this is so we can take the time to explain how things work and to also keep an eye on the number of people we have in the pub at any one time. This is also the reason why we’re encouraging bookings only, even just for a drink at the moment.

Bookings for tables of no larger than 6 from Monday 14th. Please be aware that bookings cannot exceed a table size of 6 people. These 6 people including children may be from multiple households.

This applies to inside and outside tables. We ask that you continue to use your common sense and that you stay at your table unless walking to the bathroom or leaving the building

At busy times, those without prior bookings may be asked to queue and as much as we’ll try our best to get everyone a table, it may not always be possible, to keep everyone safe.


We want to reassure you that there’s regular cleaning going on in the pub; all our team will be washing their hands every half an hour and sanitising ‘touchpoints’ every twenty minutes. The tables and chairs will be cleaned after each customer. At every step, we’ll be following the highest of cleaning standards throughout the pub and in the kitchen.

Service at table

We’ll do our utmost to keep a safe distance where possible when taking orders and serving your table.You’ll notice some changes to the way we’re laying the tables. 

To reduce the ‘contact’ with cutlery, we’re placing the knives, forks, and napkins in tankards and placing them on your table. The same goes for the salt and peppers, which will be cleaned after every use.

How to order

As always you can order your food and drink at the table. Our team will explain how this works when you are seated. 

We will also be introducing a way to order and pay for drinks through your smartphone in the near future.

Space between tables

We wanted to reassure you that care and consideration have gone into spacing the distance between the tables and positioning of the chairs. 

Please do not move them around without talking with someone.


Your Menus will only be used by you for the duration of your visit and recycled afterwards.

Bar service

Much as life usually revolves around the bar, please resist the temptation to pop to it, we’ll look after you at the table.


To reduce the handling of cash, we’re kindly asking you to use contactless or card wherever possible.

Little touches

The little touches (that are often touched a lot) – may not be quite as prevalent just now. Things like the newspapers, board games, dog biscuits, leaflets, beer mats, blankets, candles, kids colouring pencils, boules & darts – we’ve popped them away, for the time being, we hope you understand.


Toilets will be regularly cleaned and numbers visiting them at any one time will be restricted.

Children and dogs

Much as they like to, please don’t let them wander. Play equipment in our gardens is also temporarily out of action.

NHS Test and Trace Scheme

We will ask for contact details from a member of each party as per the Government mandate to collect information to ‘test and trace’ if needed.

Garden etiquette

Our outside tables are available to book, however, if the weather is poor we cannot guarantee a table inside. You may wish to consider re-booking. Ordering outside will be at the table and our team will explain how it works.

We also respectfully ask that you don’t move tables around, they have been positioned with thought.

Opening and closing times

We may have to change our opening and closing times in the opening weeks to help us to manage yours and our team’s safety. 

We also ask that you wear it when visiting the bathrooms. Thank you

Face Coverings

We kindly ask that all our guests wear a face covering when entering or exiting the premises.

We also ask that you wear it when visiting the bathrooms. Thank you

If you are feeling at all unwell, please save your visit for another day.

We hope you find all these changes reassuring and feel free to chat anything through with any of our crew when you visit.