Updated COVID Secure procedures at The Feathers

We would like to reassure you that your health and safety continue to be of paramount importance to us. Though most COVID restrictions have now been lifted it falls to us to understand what that means right now to you, our valued guests and our teams. Our belief is that we have to think of all our guests needs and situations and there are elements of our current service style that will stay the same. Let’s continue to use our common sense with everyones comfort and safety in mind.

Please note over the coming weeks we will continue to review our operating procedures and tweak accordingly.

Below is a summary of our updated COVID secure procedures.


Upon arrival please wait for the host at the front door, and they will ensure you are shown to your table, if you’ve booked one and find you one if you haven’t.. We kindly ask that all guests enter through the front door. You & your guests do NOT have to check in using the NHS app… unless you wish to!


Hugging is back! Mutual hugging that is!
However, please use your common sense and maintain a respectful distance from people that you don’t know.


The wearing of face coverings is now voluntary for you and our teams. Please respect other peoples choices.


We want to reassure you that there will still regular cleaning going on in the pub; all our team will be washing  and sanitising their hands regularly. The tables and chairs will be cleaned after each customer. At every step, we’ll be following the highest of cleaning standards throughout the pub and in the kitchen. We ask that your continue to focus on your hand hygiene too. There will still be sanitising stations dotted around.


We will still be running full table service throughout the pub. All orders will be taken at the table and there will be no bar service available at this time. You do NOT have to be seated to place your order. To reduce the ‘contact’ with cutlery, we’re placing the knives, forks, and napkins in tankards and placing them on your table.


We wanted to reassure you that we are maintaining the spacing between the tables and positioning of the chairs. 
Please do not move them around without talking with someone. Thank you.


Your Menus will only be used by you for the duration of your visit and recycled afterwards.


Much as life usually revolves around the bar, please resist the temptation to pop to it, we’ll look after you at the table.


Toilets will be regularly cleaned and touchpoint sanitised regularly.

Children and dogs

Much as they like to, please don’t let them wander.


Our outside tables are available to book, however, if the weather is poor we cannot guarantee a table inside. You may wish to consider re-booking. Ordering outside will be at the table and our team will explain how it works.

We also respectfully ask that you don’t move tables around, they have been positioned with thought.

Please feel free to stand and mingle with your party.

Opening and closing times

You will be notified of these when making a booking if these have changed.

If you are feeling at all unwell, please save your visit for another day.
 We hope you find all the above reassuring and feel free to chat anything through with any of our crew when you visit.

If you are feeling at all unwell, please save your visit for another day.

We hope you find all these changes reassuring and feel free to chat anything through with any of our crew when you visit.